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January is as good a time as any (and anytime is a good time) to begin anew. I find the best place to start is hopes and dreams. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately. Some of the dreams are small and personal, like creating a space of beauty and comfort in which to create art (among other things). I dream it as a place that inspires others to create art in their lives (among other things). It is a place of community, energy and ideas. Who knows what could happen when smart, inspired and energized people get together. (Hmmm, lots of things come to mind, actually, but that’s the great thing about dreams.) There have also been dreams of bigger things like sustainable, ecologically sound communities  with residents who live locally, think globally and are happy. Dreams, I find, are a lot like seeds. A seed is mighty in its potential, magic in its ability and magnificent in its unfolding. It does, however, have needs, as dreams do. Seeds left alone to the care of the sun, the rain, and the earth will probably grow . A seed grown with intent requires the same attention.  Dreams, to bear fruit must also be nurtured. For me this a balance of all the practical  stuff and the impractical; that is hope, faith and simple attention. So here’s to all the dreamers in the world. Create your plan, work your plan, and keep the faith!


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