quiet reflection

…a quiet mind like still water is best for reflection…

Yesterday was one of those still reflective days. The snow mounted layers of j0313865sugar frosting on every seed, stalk and sidewalk. It seemed, too, that everyone else in my field was also just watching. Not a tread in the street,  nor step on my drive.

My daughter is sick. It is an event that, when it occurs, always draws me back from the agenda, computer, client files and mail. I become simply sentinal. I stand on guard, feed and water and hold the space for health. She is learning the lessons of how valuable her immune system is and how stress is like rust; ignore it at your peril.  If we get sloppy in the care of our tools, we may find them less sharp or worse, disintegrating. The more I learn about the body, the more amazed I am at what an incredible tool we have with which to experience this world.  Just think of all the incredible things that come as standard features; our senses for one, opposable thumbs, terrific water proof breathable packaging, the best computer available, and more. We’re mobile, self righting, warm and fuzzy. We come in a variety of sizes and shapes and we clean up pretty easily. Those are just the basics, too. Don’t get me started on our capacity to think and feel pleasure. Most amazing of all is that we were each given one of these amazing vehicles when we arrived, just for showing up. Absolutely free.  One per customer.



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