Zeitgeist and Heroes

It’s early and February drips from every berry and apple in my view.   I have spent some time over the last few weeks watching some of what Google lists as their top 10 videos. Before I continue, I should explain that I haven’t had cable TV, or TV of any other kind now for  13 years. It was a choice to limit the exposure my child got to commercialism. I specialize in psycholinguistics and hypnosis so I was pretty clear about that. Generally I’m pretty selective about what I let into my head. But, it was not without sacrifice. I really loved x-files. It’s the perfect blend of sci fi and political conspiracy theory.  But Google has been filling that void quite nicely.  There were 3 films that caught my eye. Zeitgeist was one of them. Its a documentary that suggests that we, as members of the general population have been  persuaded, manipulated and hoodwinked into forgetting our profound connection to nature, ourselves, and our power. This has been done simply in the name of power and profit. The film targets the complacent US citizens who have had their freedoms and rights and even savings pilfered. Pilfered is a good word. It implies that these things were stolen in small amounts over time, like coins from the till.  ( or perhaps like toilet paper rolls that appear the same size but have a larger cardboard tube and consequently less paper) Worse, it’s done so we simply expect it as “the way things are”.  Some of the ways the film suggests we have been manipulated into accepting our dis-empowerment and sometimes even the sacrifice of lives, are startling and serious. ( for instance wars are very profitable for some) The ultimate goal is one world government. Not so far fetched when laid out in Zeitgeist. The European Union is a reality and the although significantly overlooked in the media ( owned and controlled media), the North American Union is signed and well underway. The film left me considering the reality of being radio chipped like my dog. Think about that when swiping your debit card next time. The next film is called FIAT Empire. It is a more in depth exposure of one of the parts in Zeitgeist that focuses on the Federal Reserve System and Central Bank. This explains in more detail how a “bankers for bankers” scheme has resulted in a licence to print money, a perpetual cycle of accumulated debt for the US government and the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy. I have a much better understanding of inflation than I did. The last film is called “Endgame“.  It is downright frightening in it’s suppositions.  It targets the masterminds of this devious plot of world domination and names names. It draws connections that point to population control above and beyond the regular old police state variety, like using pharmaceuticals, (can you say Prozac?) limiting access to quality education, limiting access to information (media)  as a few of the more benign examples. Some of the less benign ones suggested to be in play are engineered reduction in the global population through bio catastrophe. Eugenics is the program to cut the dead weight from the gene pool. Now I’m sure we’ve all met someone that we thought shouldn’t be allowed to breed. ( and no, I’m not just talking about the dating scene. I’m thinking about some of the worst child abusers and pedophiles that have been publicized) But I don’t think anyone gets to appoint themselves God. I’m very clear I’m not. So in the case of the “psychotic nihilists”, as the filmmaker puts it, who are attempting to govern and control every aspect of our lives, my hope would lie in natural selection. Or it did.  You see, the “God” reference is an apt one. The film ends with an assertion that the re-greening of the earth and reduction of population pressure by 95% will save the planet for the elite who believe themselves genetically superior, solely fit to rule, as the ruling class has for millenia. (I think we know how long term in-breeding works out). But the sci fi twist in this is the master plan includes life extending technology. Think the 6 million dollar man. ( I live in Canada, so I’m not sure you can even  get a broken arm set for that now in the US without insurance). Incidentally, Doctor Doom made headlines here a few days ago. He harvests organs to sell to (?) from people I’m not sure were done with them, if you get my drift. Perhaps the story ends with internal collapse. Not physical internal collapse (if they are just going to build in bits as they need them), but through prejudice and greed. New money verses old money, traditional aristocracy verses economic aristocracy. I was thinking,  if all this is so, we need a hero, and the suit better be bullet proof.  These filmmakers are hoping they have found a hero in Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul.  But better yet, why don’t we all become heroes? Thinking, compassionate beings, not afraid of death. I don’t mean like suicide bombers. I mean like my father-in-law. He’s an octogenarian, considering taking his masters degree. He still thinks. He’s an active thorn in the side of the administrative corporation that owns and runs his retirement home. He’s an advocate for quality of life, primarily in the form of meals and he has no trouble comprehending the Ontario Ministry of Health’s big book of rules.  He also knows that the corporation’s slow moving bureaucracy is their best weapon against troublemakers of a certain age.

I didn’t need another reason to get strong and healthy. But it is food for thought. (What are you feeding your brain?) I give my thanks to these filmakers for reminding me that there are places in the world that we hear of in sound bytes. Places where domination and tyranny are very real. We buy our comfort, plasma tvs, suvs and entertainment at a high cost indeed if we forget our full time job is to particpate in government. At the most basic level it means educate yourself on what’s happening and vote. Toastmasters is a good place to feel the power of the word. It gives you your voice and the tools to understand and grow comfortable using your democracy.

Stay strong, stay healthy, ask questions, go feel the sun on your face, and the powerful being you are.  Be the hero you seek.



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