God in a Daffodil

imagesOne of the gifts my garden provides is an abundantly fertile imagination ground. But it seems much more than that. There are few places that also have the ability to provide clarity and coherence to my thoughts. Perhaps all that is a way of saying the garden provides creative inspiration. But words do not begin to express the reality of the experience. But really, why should I expect less from a context in which something so perfect should be ordered from the chaos of the field of all possibility called life? The ultimate in intelligent organization is happening all around me and I cannot help but feel that I am caught in that flow when I place myself in the garden.  How can one get into the water and not get wet? Images rise in my mind seemingly unbeckoned, or at least without effort. But also I know that what seems unbeckoned, is truly beckoned, or called forth by desire and intent to understand in as much as life and design is called forth from any other seed in fertile ground. More than anything else, life itself is the perfect example of a prime directive of the simplest nature. In fact, perhaps we can’t even speak of it in other words than it’s own name, it is so primal. Desire and intent in a seed is life’s desire to BE, become, exist, ..to be alive. Life. It is for me the Alpha and Omega, the ultimate in profound, awesome, comfort and joy. It is my religious experience. As a child I understood God in the beauty, complexity and senseless diversity of nature. The face of God is in a daffodil. Some things never change. The garden is the ultimate teacher as well. It is comforting somehow on a level in which there are no more words, to see the repetitive patterns that unfold in the microcosm of the fractal, the circulatory system of your body and the macrocosm of the rivers and flow: Bronchioles, to Broccoli to Manitoba Maples. It whispers in my ear “we are one”. I understand I belong. I am Grateful.


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