Wake me up When sex doesn’t kill and we can breathe the Air

I have a drawer full of pin/buttons. Things like world’s best mom but also Einstein quotes and Margaret mead. I have a wide variety of peace related buttons that have been accumulated over the last thirty five years. The one I lingered on was “Wake me up when sex doesn’t kill and we can breathe the air.” I have mixed feelings about how well that would be received into the world on my jean jacket. It does speak my heart, but only half of it. I also have a no whining sign button. It’s about action. Am I doing my part? Can I be content to just do my part? Be the best recycler I can be perhaps. What is my part? If I measure my part by what I believe is the expected, I ask expected by whom? If I measure my part by the average it seems a pretty poor showing. Even better than average is not there. I don’t feel average. I expect more of me. So what is our part? I believe our part is commensurate with our skills and our abilities. I know a lot about what I could do to do better. I have a voice, a keyboard and a mind that can make a bigger difference than that.
Two of my bills are registered now for paperless billing. That’s good but we can do better.
I am about to stop taking the paper. I lose so much energy to guilt because I let them pile up in hopes of reading them. Somehow my self worth as a community member is linked to whether or not I read my local paper. That’s crazy. I realize the large sections of no interest to me are painful to toss. I will be a better member of my community by going to the sources that have the event info I want. I will get more community news important to me in Isabella’s Chocolate café than in my kitchen.
I will be requesting no flyers from my postal worker. I made that irrevocable decision when he personally handed me a bunch in the driveway and I scanned and deposited them directly into the blue box. That’s the waste of energy in printing the flyer including producing the ink and delivering the ink. Producing the paper which at best includes processing recycled paper but perhaps, including the environmental impact of the logging industry. Finally the careless death of that living organism must count somewhere. That does not even consider the lives and time spent doing labour and tasks without meaning if every individual’s effort along the way ended in my tossing it. Online flyers and printing coupons on demand make sense. We all pay for the heavy burdened budget of advertising on our grocery bill etc. A bitter irony that the producers of the actual product, food, are struggling so with low market prices. We know the corporations will not reduce check out tallies even if the high cost of paper advertising is reduced to them. I would be more content with that if I knew the farmers were paid more with that budget share. That’s our food security. Just for clarification: sometimes food security is confused with food safety. Its not “is the food safe to eat”. It’s “is there food to eat”.
So what if I could reduce the waste on the whole street? What would it take to get the majority to refuse flyers? Can I make small signs to simplify things for them? Who can I encourage to epost? My first thought was to send a flyer. Ah yes the irony. That’s the power of “thinking inside the box”.
But I think the power is in the conversations. I’m starting with the smallest circle of influence outside my self. I can do that one on one.
With your permission, may I ask, how many people pay their bills online? How many people have their bills delivered online? E post will store 7 years for you if revenue Canada should ever ask for them.
How many of you have asked for no flyers. How many would be satisfied to pick it up inside the door and leave it behind for the next shopper?
How many of you are willing to examine not just recycling but reducing consumer driven waste in your home.
I feel like I am acquiring karmic debt for not making a stand on these things. Others must make their own free choices. My hope is to demonstrate that there are choices.


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