…spinning the world until you like the view.

I’m Lianne Snow. I am artist by nature, goldsmith by trade, counsellor by vocation. These parts of me colour the world and my view of it. I expect to share my reflections and thoughts on a variety of subjects. I am deeply committed to the planet and our creative problem solving abilities that will enable us to live symbiotically with it and each other. So inspiration comes from my clients, my garden, the community, the CBC, the stars and honestly, pretty much every where I look. My motto in life is “what can I do with that?”. Creative recycling is my favouite passion followed by speaking on the subject. It’s more than turning the trash in your blue box into treasure, it’s about turning the trash in your life into treasure. Welcome to my world.


One Response to “…spinning the world until you like the view.”

  1. Bob Says:

    Hi Lianne
    Indeed you do have a way to paint a different picture with words. I did enjoy your blog to date. I see the Lianne I know here and you have revealed other facets of yourself but the sparkle keeps the detail hidden so I look forward to coming back to read more.

    My artistic nature is in photography and I could really see your virgin landscape of snow…I have enjoyed disturbing those snowy landscapes with walks in the country with my camera…so I really understood.

    Do these things (blogs) let you know when something new has been posted? Hope so but if not…..

    I will be back for I like seeing the world the way you do. With this in mind, I think I will be symbiotic with you for a while here on your blog to see life thru an artists perspective and also to honour your request of comments.

    To that end, continue Lianne, as you have began…trusting in your creative nature to reveal and release that which is you at the moment…most importantly, do not judge what you write nor take others comments as judgment…for there is therapy, learning and understanding in writing and reading your words.

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